Download Instructions

When I turn my Night Vision Binoculars on, it looks like they’re on, but I can’t see anything out of them.

Make sure that the lens cover on the binoculars is flipped up. Also make sure to adjust the focus with the Focal Adjustment knob, otherwise the image may be blurry.

If you’re still not seeing anything, then the batteries on your binoculars might be empty. Insert 4 new “AA” batteries into the binoculars and they should then work correctly.

How come everything looks way closer when I look through the Night Vision Binoculars than when I don’t?

The camera lens for the binoculars is on the end of them, about 7” away from the eyepieces that you’re looking through. Because of this, everything you look at with the binoculars will appear slightly closer, so use caution when moving around while looking through the binoculars.

When I turn my Night Vision Binoculars on and look at the front of them, it looks like the lights are only lighting up on one side.

When you turn on your Binoculars, only 1 of the sets of LED lights will appear to be on. The other set is on as well, but is invisible to the naked eye.