Download Instructions

Q: When I plug my Recording Pen into the USB slot on my computer, it’s not showing any of my files.

Your pen may be plugged into your computer upside-down. If you have a USB slot that is horizontal on your computer, make sure that you plug in your pen so that the flip clip side of the pen is pointed up. If you have a USB slot that is arranged vertically on the side of your computer, try flipping your pen around and plugging it in the other way.

You’ll know your pen is plugged in correctly if the light on the pen blinks initially and a new drive appears on your computer.

When I start up the SpyNet™ Client on my computer and enter the “My Files” section, it’s not showing that my pen is connected.

First see the previous question and make sure that your pen is connected correctly. When you enter the SpyNet™ Client, if it’s not showing “Recording Pen Found” in that lower tab, most likely your pen is missing the hidden “_spy.hid” file needed for the SpyNet™ Client to recognize it. You can download a new copy of the “_spy.hid” file here.

The file will be in a .zip format and will need to be decompressed. Once the “_spy.hid” file is extracted, connect the Recording Pen to your computer. The Recording Pen can be accessed like a flash drive, simply open the Recording Pen and copy the “_spy.hid” file directly to the drive. Your Recording Pen should be detected by the SpyNet Client now.

When I turn my pen on, I see the light come on when I’m recording, but when I try to play back my recording, nothing happens.

The battery is your pen is probably nearly empty. Try replacing the “AAA” battery in your pen.

I was making a recording with the pen and it turned off. What happened to my recording?

If the pen shuts off during a recoding, the recording will not get a chance to save to the memory. Be sure to have a fresh “AAA” battery in the pen to ensure that you don’t run out of battery power during recording.

Is there a way I can select which audio file I want to listen to instead of having to listen through all of them?

Yes. When you attach the Recording Pen to your PC through the USB slot, you can view all the files on the pen through the SpyNet™ Client.

When I try to record, my pen is making a beeping sound.

The pen’s memory is full. Delete some of your files or connect the pen to your computer and download the files through the “My Files” section on the SpyNet™ Client to free up some space.