Do I need to download the SpyNet Client?

The SpyNet Client is required in order to upload data to SpyNetHQ as well as downloading missions from the Chief directly to your SpyNet Video Watch. These missions can be played back at any time on the watch as a reminder of your current objectives.

I downloaded the SpyNet Client but it won’t install.

You will need the latest version of Adobe Air to install the SpyNet Client. Go to to download Adobe Air. Once Adobe Air is installed, run the SpyNet Client installer again.

How do I upload/download files with the SpyNet Client?

First attach your SpyNet Video Watch or Recording Pen to your computer. The SpyNet Client will indicate the gadget has been detected. Click on the My Files page and the gadget’s files will be displayed as icons. To upload, simply drag an icon from the My Files area, to the blue area above it. To download, simply select an icon from the blue area and drag it down to My Files.

How do I download missions onto my Video Watch?

Once you have attached your SpyNet Video Watch to your computer, run the SpyNet Client and access the My Files window. Click on the Missions tab to view all the missions available for download. Select a mission from the Library Window and drag it down to the Device Window.

I downloaded a mission but I can not see it on my Video Watch.

First be sure to have enough space on the Video Watch to download a mission. If the Video Watch’s memory is full, the mission file will not transfer to the Video Watch.

When the transfer has completed, disconnect the Video Watch from your computer. Press the Spy Mode button and select Missions Mode. Missions downloaded from HQ can be viewed here.

I cannot find the Lie Detector on the Website or SpyNet Client. Where is it?

The Lie Detector can be accessed by attaching your SpyNet Recording Pen to your computer. Once recognized, open the My Files page in the SpyNet Client. Select the Audio Files tab to view the audio files on your Recording Pen. Click the lower left icon on a file to launch the Lie Detector and analyze your audio files.