Download Instructions

Do I have to have a Video Watch to use my Snake Cam?

If you want to use the Snake Cam out in the field for surveillance and recording, then it can only be used with Video Watch. Otherwise, the Snake Cam can be utilized as a webcam by attaching the included USB dongle and plugging the Snake Cam into the USB slot of your computer (note that the Snake Cam will only work as a webcam for PCs equipped with Windows XP Service Pack 2 or above, it is not compatible with Mac computers).

When I connect the Snake Cam to my Video Watch, it doesn’t look like the image is coming from it when I go to the Video Mode preview screen or the Picture Mode preview screen.

Make sure that your Snake Cam is properly connected to your watch (if it’s connected correctly, you should see the text “SNAKE CAM” in green across the top of the watch’s menu screens.

If you’re still not seeing an image from the Snake Cam, unplug your Snake Cam and press the recessed Reset button on the back of the watch (using a paper clip or a similarly small object) to reset it. Once your watch has reset and you’ve turned it on again, try plugging in your Snake Cam and it should function.