Download Instructions

Do I need to attach the watch to my computer in order to charge it?

Yes. Alternately you can also use a USB AC adapter to charge the watch as well.

My watch just turned off without me pressing anything! What happened?

The watch will automatically enter sleep mode after 30 seconds if no buttons are pressed (unless you’re viewing a media clip or recording one). Hold down the [L] key for two seconds to wake the watch back up.

My watch isn’t turning on when I hold down the [L] key.

Your watch’s battery may be too low. Plug it into your computer with the included Mini-USB to USB dongle to recharge it (you can also use a standard Mini-USB to USB cable for this as well). Once the watch is plugged into your computer, make sure to hold down the [L] key for 2 seconds in order to get the “Battery Charging” screen to appear.

If your watch has completely run out of power, you may have to re-enter your timezone, date, and time information before the “Battery Charging” screen will appear.

My recorded files aren’t working when I try to play them.

Save any recorded files you can on your computer to ensure that they aren’t lost, and then select the “Memory Restore” option in SETTINGS MODE to restore your watch to its original settings.

Is there an easier way to customize the settings on my watch? It takes forever!

If you’ve downloaded the SpyNet™ Client application to your computer, you can quickly set all the basic settings on your watch when it’s connected to your computer by selecting the “Settings” tab in the “My Files” section.

When I try to record a video clip, I see a “Not Enough Memory” message.

The memory on your watch is currently full. You’ll need to delete some of your video clips, pictures, or audio clips. Go to the Playback menu, select the media clip you want to get rid of, and press the® key to bring up the “Delete” option.

If you want to save these files for later, make sure to upload them to your computer, using the downloaded SpyNet™ Client.

The camera image on my screen isn’t very clear when I’m trying to record videos and pictures.

Make sure the watch’s camera lens is clean. To clean the lens properly, use a soft, lint-free cloth, and be sure to wipe gently in a straight motion across lens, not in circles.

When I try to set the date on the watch, the days only go to 12.

The Spynet Video Watch can display the date as MM/DD/YY (Month/Day/Year) or as DD/MM/YY (Day/Month/Year). Try changing the display of the Date by selecting “More” from the Clock Menu screen and selecting “Watch Display.”

It’s not showing AM or PM next to the time on my watch.

The Video Watch can display the time in a “12-Hour Clock” or a “24-Hour Clock” mode. When the watch is set to “12-Hour Clock” mode, it will display the time in 12-hour increments, with the AM/PM text present. If it’s in “24-Hour Clock” mode, it will simply count up through the 24 hours in a given day.

You can choose which mode you’d like to have the watch set to by going to the Clock Menu, selecting “Watch Display,” and then selecting “Time Style”.

I can’t hear any sound when playing back videos or audio clips.

The volume on your watch may have been turned down. Press the Settings button and select “Volume Setting” to turn up the volume.

If that doesn’t work, there’s the chance that your watch battery may also be running too low. Try recharging the watch by connecting it to your computer with the included mini-USB to USB dongle.

The watch won’t let me delete my files. What do I do?

Attach the watch to your PC, and use the SpyNet™ Client to locate and delete the files you want to get rid of.

Alternately, you can use the “Memory Restore” feature found in the Settings Menu on the watch. (WARNING: Memory Restore will erase all media on the watch, so make sure to back up your files onto your PC before using it).

My watch is on, but isn’t responding when I press any of the buttons.

Press the Reset button found on the back of the watch (since the button is recessed, use a thin object to press it in, such as the end of a paper clip). Your watch’s settings will need to be re-entered again after it is reset.

I reset my watch but I can’t find my unlocked Spy Games and Spy Apps.

Once your watch is reset, you’ll need to re-enter the codes that you have for locked Games and Spy Apps to unlock them again.

All my videos are black & white when I play them on the watch.

The Playback Filter on your watch has been set to “Security Camera.” Enter the “Video Settings” menu and select “Playback Filters” to change the appearance of your videos when playing them on your watch.

Why are all my videos green when I play them on the watch?

The Playback Filter on your watch has been set to “Night Vision.” Enter the “Video Settings” menu and select “Playback Filters” to change the appearance of your videos when playing them on your watch.

My watch seems to be slowing down.

You may have too many files on your watch. Attach your watch to your computer and download the files you’d like to save using the SpyNet™ Client. Once that is complete, delete some of the files you’ve backed up in order to free up memory on the watch.

Backing up your files regularly can help prevent data loss and ensure smooth operation of the watch.

Can I switch the language displayed on my watch?

If your watch was purchased in Quebec, then the language can be changed to display in either English or French. When you start up your watch for the first time, you’ll see a menu titled “Language” and can choose to either set the language as “English” with the [L] key, or “French” with the® key. If you want to change the set language at a later time, just press the recessed RESET button on the back of the watch to reset your watch’s settings and choose your new language at start up.